De-constructing Video Games with a Gender Perspective

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Date abril 2021
Author CREAR. Ministerio de las mujeres con perspectiva de género
Language Spanish
Subtitles Spanish
Target Audience General public
Content Type Awareness-raising Strategies
Addresses Non-binary Language
Addresses Genders
Addresses LGBTIQ + Visibility
Address Diversity
Address Gender Stereotypes
Address Non-binary Identities
Address Trans Identities


Quote as

Ministerio de las mujeres, géneros y diversidad. (2021). CREAR website:


Area Sociocultural Impact

The world we live in, the world we build: video games with a gender perspective. 2021, CREAR Website / This training addresses the role, stereotypes and gender diversity. Its objective is to promote equality, making visible the problems of discrimination in the different identities.