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History of the Video Game Industry

Structure and evolution of the video game industry

Book: Console Wars - Blake J. Harris
Book: The History of Video Games-- All you need to know from the dawn of video games to the start of the 21st century
Book: The Ultimate History of Video Games - Steven L. Kent
Evolution of videogames for girls
History of video games. Console Wars by Blake Harris
History of videogames in 3 minutes
History of videogames. A short summary over the decades
Video: Mapping the history of video games, by Academia Play. Part 1 (1972-83)
Video: Mapping the history of video games, by Academia Play. Part 2 (1983-94)
Video: Mapping the history of video games, by Academia Play. Part 3 (1994-98)

Specialized Media

A list of media that analyze and disseminate video games

Press Over - Argentina
Tan Grande y Jugando - Colombia

Game Studies

A list of public or private universities and academic websites offering video game studies

Approaches. New perspectives in local game studies (Notebook 110 UP Design School)
Insights: game studies concentration and deconcentration (Notebook 130 UP Design School)

Industry Professions

Experiences, information and guides on the different roles and professions within the video game industry

Evolution of Video Game Graphics 1947-2022

Events, Fairs and Congresses

A list of tradeshows –held virtually and in other formats—focusing on this industry

Argentina Game Show (AGS) (English)
Argentine Videogame Exhibition (EVA)

Value Chain

A list of the different links that make up the value chain for the publication and distribution of video games

Financing and Grants

Information for managing financing systems and websites for grants/ scholarships

Publishers y Developers. Diferences
Publishers. List of the top 13 (2019)


Current developments, research and reach in the field of accessibility for the video game industry


A section for legal and security considerations about video games

Elements of Video Game Law
European game law insights

Data and Statistics

Key Opinion Women Leaders

Disseminating the work of women who are linked to the industry

Case Studies

Publications analyzing video games, including video game development case studies

Gender: The importance of the role of gender in video games