Video: Mapping the history of video games, by Academia Play. Part 1 (1972-83)

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Basic Element


Difficulty Begginer
Target Audience Student, Teacher
Language Spanish
Resource Type video
Typical Age Range 14-17
Is it paid? No
Addresses Non-binary Language No
Addresses Genders No
Addresses LGBTIQ + Visibility No
Address Diversity No
Address Gender Stereotypes No
Address Non-binary Identities No
Address Trans Identities No



Academia Play is an educational audiovisual project carried out in Spain. A series of short, didactic videos (1-15 min) deal with historical facts, curiosities, current affairs, cinema, art, sports, music or science. In this case, the intention is to tell the story of video games from their creation to 1998. We do not know if they will continue it to the present day, but the three parts posted on YouTube provide a great overview of what the first years of the industry were like. Part 1 spans from 1972 to 1983.



Chapter Video Game Industry
Area History of the Video Game Industry