Lara Croft: Tomb Raider; the heroine that debunks the image of weak women

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Date 2021/01/22
Author jimena veronica
Language Spanish
Target Audience General public, Media
Content Type Rationale, Background
Addresses Non-binary Language No
Addresses Genders
Addresses LGBTIQ + Visibility
Address Diversity
Address Gender Stereotypes
Address Non-binary Identities
Address Trans Identities No


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jimena veronica. (2021). la imagen de la mujer en los videojuegos. 2021, de jimena veronica website:


Area Sociocultural Impact

The journalistic article takes a historical tour of the female figure in video games that allows the reader to understand how video games reflect technological and sociological changes. Four questions function as its axis: Who were the first women? How were they represented? Were there exceptions? How was it evolving?