Video Game Development

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This page is a translated version of the page Desarrollo de videojuegos and the translation is 100% complete.

Ideas and Conceptualization

Everything it takes to start developing video games

Game Design

Description of the end-to-end process of content design, context and elements of a video game

A hands-on approach to video game creation
Applying Logic to Video Game Development
C: Introduction to C programming language and its use in Unity
Concepts to be considered when developing a video game, by Riot Games (Video)

Game Design Document (GDD)

Organization of the development stages

Write a game design document

Definitions and Job Roles

Description of roles and profiles according to development tasks

Roles in Video Game Development

Functional, Technical and Financial Requirements

Interactions of video game, as a system, with other systems. Analysis of automatic responses, default processes, and what the system should and should not do. A key consideration is to know the platform the video game runs on, and the scope and resources required

Organization Tools

Collaborative walls and spaces for development organization

Project management in game development

Design and Development

Phases and elements of game design, both audiovisual and code


Developing the story and its narrative. Strategies, techniques, tools and resources

Use storytelling and transmedia in video games

Art and Animation

Artistic aspects in the creation of video games, including the design of the environment, characters and visual effects

Sound and Music

Strategies and tools to design and produce the different acoustic components of a video game, such as soundtrack, acoustic effects, atmosphere creation and narration

Models and Prototypes

Preliminary stage of work that enables obtaining a real experience of the game before its final version, to test ideas, change parameters, explore possibilities, and to identify, learn and correct mistakes

Free tools to level up your prototyping
Video game prototyping

U/I, U/X

Differences between UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) and their uses. The UI is made up of the information architecture, interaction patterns and visual elements, and the UX is the result of the user's objectives, the cultural variables and the interface design

Breaking-Molds Video Game Interfaces
Bridging the gap between UX principles and game design (video)
FTUE: First Time User Experience: Podcast from Nueva Partida
From usability to Playability: Player-Centered Video Game Design
Game Experience Design for All
Graphic Design applied to Video Game Interfaces for Older Adults
HUD: How to Design a Communication Interface with Players
Interface Design by Riot Games (Video)

Platforms and Engines

Underlying software that allows creating and running a video game using routines, functions and a main loop for graphics processing and interaction logic. Modern game engines offer a whole set of visual tools and libraries for speeding up development and facilitating cross-platform export

Bitsy Talk: Claire Morwood's experience with the tool
Unity: User's Manual


Languages ​​and processes for video game development (front, back-end & GUI)

Graphic programming in video game development


Stage of testing a game’s images, texts, controls, sound, settings, requirements and functions

Publication and Maintenance

Assessment of the gaming experience, error detection, patch development, and evaluation of the continuity of the project once launched

Operation Monitoring and Acceptance

Tools, platforms and systems to control and monitor the correct operation of the game and the response of the target audience

Adjustments and Changes

Creating patches and updates

Loyalty Plans

Strategies and tools to keep the audience engaged, and reach new audiences