Construct 3: Tips and Tricks

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Basic Element


Difficulty Intermedio
Target Audience Estudiante, Docente
Language Inglés
Context Distancia
Resource Type video
Learning Time 1 horas
Is it paid? No
Addresses Non-binary Language No
Addresses Genders No
Addresses LGBTIQ + Visibility No
Address Diversity No
Address Gender Stereotypes No
Address Non-binary Identities No
Address Trans Identities No





This course is a group of 10 videos that is focused on showing specific tips of the Construct 3 software (tool used to create video games). It details functions like; Using function maps, Working with a CSS file, Using external API, The lerp function, Debugging local storage, among others. Knowledge of Construct is required.

Used in Workshops


Chapter Desarrollo de videojuegos
Area Diseño y desarrollo
Comments Plataformas y Motores

This course is a video series of Construct 3 Tips & Tricks. These Construct 3 gems are clearly explained and give pointers on how to use them in your games.