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Designed for those who teach video game development to girls and young women, this Wiki will provide useful materials to train, communicate and network around this theme.

In the left-hand menu, you will find the four chapters of our toolkit. Additionally, you will find direct access to Toolkit Elements, Basic Elements and examples of workshops in alphabetical order.

If you have any questions, please see the Glossary. In the Community section, you’ll have access to the reservoir of video games developed with our toolkit and to different contact channels.

The Wiki is still under construction. Please feel free to try it and send us your feedback to

The Wiki is part of the project SheroesInGames- Girls designing digital games: networking, training, advocacy. For more information click here


  1. Video Game IndustryChapter that deals with the distribution, market, sale, circulation spaces and disciplines associated with the sector
  2. Video Game DevelopmentChapter that describes the steps and stages in videogame development
  3. Teaching Video GamesHow to create seminars, workshops, talks and activities that meet the needs of the audience and introduce the audience to videogame development
  4. Networking, Lobbying and CommunicationRelevance and current state of videogames in society. Effects of videogames in everyday life, ways of appropriation and intersections with other professional fields, including health, politics, communication and the environment.


Style and Gender Guide for Future Collaborations

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