A hands-on approach to video game creation

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Game Design, Game Industry

Difficulty Begginer
Target Audience Student, Teacher
Language Spanish
Context Distance learning
Resource Type tutorial
Typical Age Range 14-17
Platform Multiplatform
Is it paid? No
Version Creative Commons Attribution - Non-commercial
Addresses Non-binary Language No
Addresses Genders No
Addresses LGBTIQ + Visibility No
Address Diversity No
Address Gender Stereotypes No
Address Non-binary Identities No
Address Trans Identities No






This ebook contains 4 sections with the knowledge required to develop video games from an essentially technical perspective:

1. Engine Architecture: this section addresses the essential aspects for designing a video game engine, as well as the basic programming techniques and design patterns. It also includes a review of the key elements of C++ programming language.

2. Graphic Programming: this section focuses on algorithms and graphic representation techniques, together with optimizations in interactive deployment systems.

3. Advanced Techniques: this section collects a series of advanced topics, such as specific data structures, validation techniques and tests or physical simulation. It also delves into C++ language.

4. Component Development: this section deals with certain specific components of the engine, such as Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Sound and Multimedia, and advanced Interaction techniques.


Chapter Video Game Development
Area Game Design